Saturday, May 2, 2015


Above: Sneak peek at an exclusive charity piece I did recently!

Aside from current projects, I've been eaten up by Dragon Age: Inquisition -- now I've been spat out and anticipating the inevitable DLC. Oh, and puppy. I'm an overbearing puppy mum who spends way too much time fussing over her dog, I know. In my defence I've got a gajillion in-process works going. I just can't seem to finish anything!! D:

Well, except for this. I finished this. But good causes are always the exception, haha.

Also, is it my imagination, or are there a ton of weddings and engagements this year? Should be fun, though it did mean I had to turn down my professional badge for SDCC. Yeah, I know. I'm doing weddings instead of comic con. Take away my 'geek girl' title now. :O

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