Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am in Hong Kong for a week. I am not here very long...But! While I am here I have managed to do some shopping. Clothes are awesomely cheap in Hong Kong... and so are some electronics. I was thinking of buying some RAM and a sound board, but turns out the cost is pretty similar to what I would get in Canada (unlike the ear buds I got, which were probably half the price of their Canadian counterparts).

To your right, a wall of fish. They also had a huge tortoise for sale! I always feel bad for these animals. They are hardly ever given a tank that befits them (yeah yeah, fish have a 3 second memory but what about tortoises?).

Anyway, because I don't particularly like posting things without including an artwork, I feel as though I must. Unfortunately all my latest stuff is either on my computer at home or I'm not supposed to release it yet. So instead, you get something I did in December but hadn't put up yet. :D

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