Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am back in Canada!!! I was not very pleased to find out it was -24 degrees outside, and my luggage with my boots and snow jacket was delayed in Vancouver. I was pretty happy to eat sushi for dinner though! It's amazing how expensive Canada seems when you spend time in Hong Kong, where most items (including food) are much cheaper. In HK, you can buy 3 people McDonalds meals for $10 Canadian, and you can feed four people at a cafe for $12. For dinner, it depends where you go... but sushi is like half the price it is here.

Speaking of dinner, I really like the fancy buffets in Hong Kong. I totally pillaged the sushi/sashimi section.. not to mention a few others. Mm, crawfish are tasty.

Anyway! I am back, and it was fun. Now here's a deer.

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