Saturday, December 18, 2010


Putting up a few new sketches, and talking about Tron.

So just got back from watching it! I'm not an '80s child, I'm more of a '90s kid... so I wasn't as excited as a lot of my friends from college and such were. I mean, it could be argued that some of them were born in the same era I was, but I just was never exposed to it. My favourite film growing up was The Land Before Time and the Little Mermaid.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I watched the original Tron last night in preparation for Legacy, and I definitely think Legacy is better on many levels. The story did feel a bit like they're planning a sequel. I mean, when you start a film out and only have one appearance by Cillian Murphy, you really do get the notion that they have something else planned for him. Also, on the note of actors... seeing Olivia Wilde's black bob makes me want a black bob too. Wig, of course. I worked too long on these long blonde locks.

Overall I went in not expecting a lot and came out feeling like a fan. So I guess, in a sense, Tron did what they wanted it to. It holla'd back to the 80's generation, and drew in a few new fans, too. I'd recommend it to anyone who's familiar with the original.

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    You and the black bob _must_ happen!