Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember how I mentioned it was getting atrociously cold?? Well it got worse. And, if I remember correctly, the weather just goes downhill from here and peaks at about February or so. If I were to look at the bright side of this, I'd be looking at the snow, saying "OMGADZ. IT IZ SO BRIGHT OUT. THE SNOW IS BLINDINGGGLY BRIGHT". There is no real bright side to winter except that, literally, the snow is blinding. We were taught at a very young age not to get lost looking at snow.

Anyway, it gave me an opportunity to whip out my winter gear which is always cute. So I guess that's glass-half-full. I also finished up a commission for someone here in Calgary, part of the request was to make myself a fursona. So here it is. His character is Hida Silverlight and if you look it up you can see a bunch of other artists' renditions of similar scenes as this. That is to say, of Hida in a very unfortunate situation.

Got confirmation for my attendance at one of the upcoming conventions I've signed on to, so that's cool. Hopefully will get confirmation for a lot more, too!

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