Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 53: No Hangover!

Woot, I can thank my amazing biological structure for blessing me with the gift of never having hangovers. KP didn't seem to fare too badly either. All those Gin and Tonics were definitely a bit much, but the Malibu and Coke was a great starter last night. Regardless, even though Kristina and Uncle D kept us well hydrated, we still turned out bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day! Nothing wrong with a bit of sleeping in, of course. We were out till like 4AM... again! That meant KP stayed up a bit later than me to catch the last sunrise.

But now it is time to leave Kasmu! Merika and her youngest son came by with his family to say goodbye to us... of course, there was more cake and more tea. This time it was more of a mousse-like cake, with white choclate drizzled on top. Yup!

 It’s been nice, but now we are on our way to Rakvere. We met Merilyn and Markus for the first time, as well as Inge’s twin sister and Merika’s son and family. Of course, there was more tea and cake.

When we got to Rakvere, we were introduced to Iira and Olev, as well as my great aunt and uncle, Alma and Galyu. We also met Bosse, their dog... but he wasn’t as friendly as Uncle D remembered him to be.

We didn’t have too much time for chat though, because we all had to get ready and prepare ourselves for the big night – Olev’s 60th birthday!

This night was definitely fun... there was a banquet and live entertainment... and lots of booze. Oh! - and of course cake, too. There were really interesting games where everyone started to sing, and then did a standing dance at the table. Another one was when the entertainers would choose someone from banquet table and give them the position of being from Russia, Georgia, Australia, etc... so KP and I were kangaroos, and had to grab the back hem of our dress and pull it through our legs, then hop around. It was a big mess of people just acting ridiculous, and it was pretty funny. KP also won a guessing game, she guessed the closest to correct amount of coins in some opaque medicine bottles. I got third! I guess Canadians are a bit better at these games... or maybe just more sober!

It was seven hours later that we finally got home. It was a long dinner! But it was fun.

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