Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 64: Eltzburg and Reichsburg

As per usual, we were tricked in to eating a lot of pastries by Uncle D today. This time I took sequential shots of the beginning of the battle (and the end of it). Yup, they devoured those cakes pretty good. I purposefully have been stopping eating midway through, and letting them just rip the cakes to shreds. It's amazing to see it all go down so fast!

Today we saw Eltzburg and Reichsburg, two castles that were a bit of a drive to get to, but were worth it. We could only take pictures in one of the castles, so only Reichsburg is the interior showing here. Eltzburg was a large castle in the hilly slopes along the Rhine, and it was under private ownership (which was kinda nifty). I mean, could you imagine owning a castle? The man who calls this castle his is a doctor and it has been handed down in the generations of his family. Three families once lived there, and shared ownership, so why he is the sole owner I'm still not aware. Regardless, he opens it up to the public for a small fee... and that fee is covered by our Rhine Ticket. So it works well for us!

Reichsburg was very nice because it was very woodsy seeming. In all honesty, a lot of these German castles are woodsy-like, but this one in particular because it even had a game room. There was a massive boar on the wall. It's said to have weighed 400lbs!

The outside of Reichsburg was also quite appealing, especially the courtyard area. They had a well in the middle of the yard that seemed to stretch on forever -- I know I wouldn't want to fall in! It reminded me of tales I heard about people escaping the attention of SS Guards capturing prisoners to send to death camps. Some people would hide in wells or in outhouses... and it made me think, how horrible would it be to hide in something as deep as that well? Scary. 

On the way back there was a bit of rain and we saw a rainbow, albeit a faint one. All the same, KP and I like the rain and it was a welcome change from the scorching sun that we experienced on the Rhine Cruise of yesterday!

When we got back to Bacharach we had dinner at a restaurant down the street. I had some Jagershnitzel, and so did Uncle D. KP on the other hand got a steak and some sort of appetizer.

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