Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 60: Germany... Again!

We had some breakfast and met up with M&M and Urmas by the well outside our hotel. They took us around for a bit because we had 4 hours until we had to be at the airport. So we walked through Old Town and KP and I bought the hat we both wanted: a really cute, really long winter hat! Then, we took the opportunity to get some more photos of us in Estonia -- you can't have too many of those, I guess, can you? And then after that we all went to find some ice cream cocktail (aka milkshake). We went to some old antique shops where I was eyeing up some old Colts, and Uncle D was admiring an odd short barrel shotgun. It was surprising, but the antique stores really did have a lot of Nazi and SS regalia. I was tempted to buy one just for the sake of it, but I didn't want to offend anyone by thinking it was cool to have.

Once we visited the door that led to the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, we moseyed out of Old Town and went to the more urban part instead. There we went to a mall and then to the theatre to finally grab an ice smoothie (the mall didn't have any!). Then it was time for the airport!

We said our final farewell to Urmas and M&M, and Merika was there waiting to say goodbye to us as well. She had brought KP and I some fresh berries to eat! They were tasty. I had a bit of a scare though when I couldn't remember the exact location of my passport: I was used to Uncle D having it in his pocket, so I just assumed it was still there. Nope! I had to check through my backpack three times before I finally found it.

We got through security and our troupe were still waiting there in the distance to wave us off until they couldn't see us anymore. That was really nice of them. Meeting our family from Estonia was definitely an experience I'm glad I had!

It didn't take long to get on the plane... it seemed like the entire terminal was empty except for us and a few other people. Eventually it got a bit more crowded, but it still didn't compare at all to the other major city airports we've been to! It was about a 2 or 3 hour flight till we got back to Germany. Then we went to rent our car, but lo and behold, we're in the wrong terminal! We have to take a shuttle to Terminal 2 instead, then we have to find the Insurance confirmation, then we have to find the car, and then we have to find our way to the place we're staying. The place we are staying at was very evasive.

It turns out that they were doing construction on route 60 to get to Bacharach, but Uncle D's GPS kept on taking us down the same road only to pass by the same 'road closed' sign. We did the pass about 3 or more times before Uncle D decided it wasn't going to cooperate so close to the vicinity, and instead we went to a gas station and asked for directions. We had been driving for about an hour and a half to two hours at this point, and it should have only taken half that long to get to the place we need to go! Thankfully the gas station attendant knew all about the GPS, told Uncle D to go down Mombach and then on to another road that would stir the GPS to redirect us on another path to Bacharach. It worked! We pulled in to our Bed and Breakfast at about midnight, and our hosts were still up waiting for us and everything. It was raining, too.

By my calculations this is the fifth time we've entered Germany:

1. From England to Germany
2. From Greece to Germany
3. From Austria to Germany
4. From France to Germany
5. From Estonia to Germany

You'd think we would be speaking the language by now.. but all I can say is 'hallo'!

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