Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 57: BBQ

We went to downtown Rakvere today. This was good, because looking at the souvenir shops in Estonia was something we just had to do. We learned from Merilin that the candy we bought yesterday was actually Russian candy!! And this is bad, because in Estonia they aren’t the greatest fans of Russians. In fact, we walked by an old Communist Russia military building and it was pretty much left in a state of destruction. Broken windows, empty and abandoned, walls crumbling – no one bothered to repair it because nobody would want to. So in short, she brought us to a proper Estonian candy store! Kalev seems to be the most popular brand of candy in Estonia, and that’s all that they had in this shop.

After we stocked up on candy, Uncle D somehow dragged us to a cake shop. Not. A good. Idea. When we left, we had ordered ten cakes between the five of us, and six of those were only between KP and Uncle D. We left, made some jokes about how ‘cake’ in Estonian sounds like ‘cock’, and went back to Iira and Olev’s. Then we were treated to a scrumptious BBQ!
Literally this BBQ was like a feast made on fire. There was marinaded meat, sausage, salads, and a whole whack of other assortments. The meat was all grilled on a wood burning BBQ, and there was also a variety of beers (KP and I had had enough of alcohol, though!). It was all had in the backyard, so it was a nice last dinner with our hosts.

That night, I was trying to catch up on some blogging when I started to notice little crawly things scurrying across the computer desk. I squished them thinking that they were just little flies or no-see-ems or something. One... two -- three. Four? What the... five!? SPIDERS? Little spiders were darting their way all over the place! I freaked out. Of course, somewhere in the room, a spider nest had hatched and hundreds of little spider babies were running around. I must have sworn like 20 times before KP finally woke up and asked what was wrong. Together, we killed every last spider baby we could find (about 30) and checked every nook and cranny we could think of. Satisfied, we went back to sleep. We were shocked that Uncle D didn't wake up and call us crazy.

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