Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 56: Friends and Family

Estonia has been taken over by a lot of countries in the past, so it’s not surprising that there are so many different influences in the buildings we see. For instance, we went to see the Palmse manor near Kasmu today! Iira, Olev, Markus and Merilyn escorted us... we just make them decide where we go. I wonder if they like the role of being an unpaid tour guide? Hehe. Anyway, this manor... it was owned by an old German family back when Germany had power in the country. It was similar in style to the President’s house, because it looked like a colonial mansion but painted with bright pastels. There was a bicycle museum display, as well as a blacksmith, and we also stopped for tea and cake. The peppermint tea was definitely the highlight, I think... it was just hot water with handfuls of peppermint leaves stuffed inside!

While we were out and about, we went to buy some candy from the mall we were at, too. I always remember the candy that Taat and Memme used to bring us, and so I thought it would be cool to buy some while we were here. So we did! And Uncle D bought a huge bag of chocolate, too.

After we got back we went to visit Pernilla, a daughter of a friend of Iira’s. It was a lot of fun – especially when we poked through Pernilla’s baby photos. Nothing quite like embarrassing your host by seeing pictures of them naked!

We had eaten a fair bit of food at Pernilla’s, but we still had to go to Alma’s house for dinner! So I told Merilyn not to tell Alma we had been snacking. When we got there, we were treated with delicious salmon, pork, potatoes, and herring! For dessert there were homemade red current squares, and it looked to be like a cake layer on the bottom, then the berries, then a meringue on top. It was super tasty.

Alma brought some candy out at the end, and Iira had to open it for us because (believe it or not) the candy is in a child proof wrapper. Even Olev couldn’t open it! But Iira could do it blindfolded, it looked like.

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