Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 55: Eclipse in Tallinn

Awe! Iira was listening when I mentioned during dinner last night that I usually eat cereal and yogurt for breakfast, because when we woke up and ate this morning, there was new yogurt and cereal on the table! That was nice of them.

Today we went to Tallinn, and we saw the President’s house as well as a few mansions.The mansions was all built by invaders, and so the architectural style was either Russian or German. Estonia has been invaded many times, but the Estonians have an acute dislike for the Russians. It’s funny, because sometimes you’ll pass by an old Russian military building and it’ll just be in ruins. These buildings, the manors, were of course kept up very well. They were also very bright in color! It was weird, because one of the buildings was painted entirely pink. I don’t know if his wife chose the color, or if he was just that manly.

Also walked by the Estonian Museum of Modern art... didn't go inside. I'm not a tremendous fan of modern art, anyway.. so I was a bit relieved. The sign outside was pretty spiffy, though! It said "kunst", which means 'art' in Estonian.

We went to a nearby park, and saw a monument that was built by the Tsar. There were swans swimming around in the water too, and it seemed like a nice place to just chill and relax. Of course, chilling and relaxing is not something we do best. Instead, we went through Old Town and looked at a few shops (found a cute hat, but decided to buy it later, while we are staying in Old Town), and eventually decided we were hungry and wanted to find a place to eat. It took us quite a while, because we were trying to find something authentically Estonian... but we gave up after about an hour and decided to eat at a place in the town square. KP and I shared a salmon, but Merilyn tried some ‘traditional Estonian sausage’. We don’t know how traditional this sausage was, because neither Markus nor Merilyn had ever heard or had it before.

After dinner, we went to the theatre. Yes, the theatre. The entire day had accumulated to this point, and KP and I were so excited. While Uncle D and MnM went to see Inception, KP and I went to see none other than.... Eclipse! Yes I know. Make fun if you want, but KP and I were actually pretty stoked to watch it, and I’m glad we did! But unfortunately, Uncle D fell asleep like three times in the theatre and Merilyn had to wake him up when he started to snore.

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