Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 54: Medieval Times

We had a full day to take advantage of now that we were in Rakvere, Iira and Olev took us to the water park! The wavepool was set up to resemble a storm with dark blue water and misty rain, so that was cool. There were even strong currents that would push you around, and when it was going full tilt it was pretty fun. I did some laps in the swimming pool, and we also went down the water slide.

Later on, MnM (Markus and Merilin) walked with us to Rakvere castle, where we met Iira and Olev again. When we got there, we saw someone shooting scenes for a Cinderella-esque film of sorts. It was cool there because it was set up in a very medieval fashion, with a smithy, carpenters, an apothecary and everything. We even threw on some Crusader smocks for while we gallivanted around the castle. As far as the castle itself goes, tough, it was definitely a fortress rather than a palace. It wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but it was probably only really meant as a defensive position anyway. There was a lot of stone, dirt, and wood... very basic, and very medieval. The fact that they had actors in period costumes was neat, too... we played with some clay, explored the torture chamber, and even shot a bow. It was interesting! The torture chamber was the most fun, I think.

For dinner we went to Alma’s, and she had made some delicious pork and potatoes. We learned that Taat’s side of the family was said to have Swedish roots, and I’d never heard that before... so that was intriguing.

Again, tea and cake was consumed. This time, we had some super yummy apple squares.

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