Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 52: Disco

We woke up super early yesterday, so today we thought it would be okay to sleep in till 12. We went to the post office and sent out some postcards and letters, the grocery store to pick up some foods, and then we drove along the other side of the bay on our way back to Kasmu. We also had lunch!! Chicken with some kind of spicy (almost thai) flavour. Afterwards we went to see the Maritime museum. It was at the Maritime museum where Taat was stationed while he was in Kasmu, but he was also stationed on the other side of the bay for a time as well. There were many old things there... bottles, fish, life savers, harpoons, trunks, and various tools.

We went to visit with the some other relatives that evening, and it was funny because the family’s daughter, Liisa, was studying to be a lawyer and she really resembled Reese Witherspoon a lot. So I asked her if she had ever watched Legally Blonde, and immediately her family started laughing because it apparently wasn’t the first time it had been mentioned. We had cake and tea, and then also had a tour of the house. It was nice!

Afterwards we got ready and went to the disco with Kristina. It was funny, because if you think about it... if someone asked us what we did, it wouldn’t be a lie to say “I went to the club with a grandpa, and a priest”. Soooooo cool. But in reality, yeah, it was pretty fun. Funniest of all was when Kristina said that sometime’s she’s scared – and KP asked why – Kristina said it’s because “everyone is so ugly here!”. Then, to top it all off, Kristina danced with this one guy who really reminded us of WilL farrel from Night at the Roxbury – he was decent enough looking, but he couldn’t dance *at all*. It was hilarious. When we left, some guy named Karl liked KP and gave her a flower as her farewell gift. I joked with her later that it’s funny that he’s from Kasmu, because he could be her distant cousin or something, haha.

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