Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 51: Rise and Shine

KP and I did the unthinkable today – we woke up at 4:30AM. This was all pre-planned from the day earlier, because we had concocted a wild and crazy plan. We decided that we wanted to witness the sunrise from the bay. Once Urmas heard of our plan, he encouraged us and said we could even take out his father’s boat to view it from the sea rather than the shore. Uncle D was there listening to our scheme, but for some reason, he doubted our ability to wake up! So at 4:30AM when my alarm went off and KP and I had breakfast, we went and woke him up to prove that we could; but silly Uncle D had been up till 2:30AM! So while he must have been surprised on some level, he was definitely more tired than ecstatic. Thusly, only Urmas and KP and myself ventured out in to the sea.

The sunrise was peaceful and beautiful. At first I wasn’t sure if we would be given a good show, because it was a bit cloudy... but it actually might have made it even prettier because the clouds enabled us to look at the sun almost directly. It’s weird, but I didn’t even realize you could see rays of sunlight in the sky (until now). We rowed around the bay for a bit, went to see the boulder that was meant for a Tsar statue (I realized it looked like a nose from the other side), and we also saw the dock. At the dock there was a Viking boat that was commissioned by someone in Kasmu, and rumour has it that the boat was made in the same manner as the Viking boats of old.

Of course we were only out on the sea for a little while, then we rowed back in (hit a few rocks on the way, but how can you avoid that in Kasmu?) and then we went back to bed.

Later in the day we went to Elma’s, and saw Tina and Kristina. Again, we had some tea and cake... but also had some red and black currents. Elma was very glad to see us, and she was a distant relative as well as Memme’s best friend growing up. She would tell stories about how she and Memme would go to the neighbour’s house and got a pancake and brought it home with them, and they liked it so much they went to get more but the person told them no. And another one is when Memme and Elma would play games together, like they would have their dolls, or they would play a game with stones and you would see how many stones you could catch on the back of your hand. KP was of course curious about the romantic elements of Memme’s life, so she asked about when Memme met Taat. She thought it was hilarious that Memme didn’t like Taat at all when they first met. And also, she asked if Elma and Memme ever went on double dates, but Elma said that she was already married at that time.

Afterwards, Kristina convinced us to go swimming in the sea... and that was definitely worth experiencing. The water seemed to exist in layers, and the bottom would always be very cold while the top would be warmer. Sometimes, though, a wave of water would come by and it would be freezing! So sometimes it was cold and sometimes it was warm (so long as your feet weren’t on the sea floor!). With all the rocks in Kasmu, KP and I thought it would be a waste to not emulate a bit of the Little Mermaid and get some photo opportunities with the waves and whatnot. So that was fun, too.

It was a very busy day today because not only did we do everything I’ve already mentioned, but we also went for another hike in the woods nearby! We picked wild blueberries, saw the gigantic rock that is the biggest in Kasmu (climbed up it, too!), and also saw the sown rocks. On our way back, there was a really big storm and we only just made it to the house in time. The lightning was pretty epic.

For dinner we had caviar on toast, roast pork, and kama cream. It was at an old medieval style tavern, so it was really spiffy and cool. Unfortunately we missed the folk concert that happened that night, but instead KP and I went for an enjoyable walk with flashlights. Also, Kristina invited us to go to the disco tomorrow night, so we’ve decided to extend our stay by one more day in Kasmu.

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