Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 49: Going to Estonia

Another cool thing about Ramstein is that you see military personnel all over the place... for me, someone who has always had a little bit of desire to join the military, that's cool. In fact, when we were down having breakfast, we heard them talk about a few things amongst themselves and I found it quite intriguing. Particularly, their conversations ranged from having to do with flying all over the world (Alaska, Asian), visiting family that they rarely see, and what to do if you ever got some sort of aircraft liquid in your eyes (milk, not water! Doctors say that milk might cause an infection in your eyes and don’t recommend it, though). I couldn’t catch if it was acid or fuel that they were discussing, or something else entirely, but it was interesting nonetheless. Also, I found it amusing that there was a cut out of a Canadian Mounted Police sitting by the front desk since it was an American Air Base. As for the personnel themselves, they ranged from Americans, Brits, and Canadians.

Breakfast consisted of cake, smoked salmon, omelettes, sausages, cheese and meats, yogurt and fruit. It was pretty tasty, especially compared to what we got in France. But we couldn’t hang around forever, so we left the hotel and started out to Frankfurt again. We had to return the car, and so once we got there we cleaned it out and went to the registration desk. They couldn’t find our contract, and we didn’t know where it was, so they had to do some digging around before we checked out of there, too. Funnily enough, while we were waiting for our flight, KP went to get some tea but alas, she couldn’t read German and ended up with a cupful of cream instead. It was pretty funny. After that, we got on the plane, and soon enough we found ourselves in Tallinn!

Urmas, Merike, Markus met us at the airport... Merike had flowers for us! They didn’t know that Aunty L was sick in France still because we had no internet access to make them aware. So it was a bit of a surprise for them, unfortunately.

On the way to Kasmu, KP and I rode with Markus while Uncle D rode with Urmas. We took a shorter route than they did, and while we drove we talked a bit about the Estonian military (required enrolment for youths), college, and Estonian wildlife. KP and I discussed how Tallinn reminds us of Red Deer a bit, and the fact that Estonia has a variety of wildlife that we do made it seem even more like Canada.

We pulled in to Kajaka Street, then to Urmas’ house, and the first thing we heard was that the dog escaped again. So we went to visit with Markus's mother while he went to look for the dog and we waited for Uncle D to arrive. Surprisingly everyone spoke pretty good English. Once everyone was back at the house we had some snack foods, and got ourselves settled. KP and I are staying in the sauna house.

My thoughts on Kasmu so far are limited, because all I’ve seen is Kajaka street... but KP and I find it nostalgic even though we’ve never been here. We think that’s because we’ve seen lots of pictures, and when we imagine Estonia it usually looks like it does here. A lot of rocks, a lot of sea, and a lot of trees.

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