Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 42: Nevers Again

We stayed at a hotel in Nevers because it is roughly halfway between Lyon and Versailles. I didn't mention earlier, but it was actually really difficult to find our way there... the GPS kind of had a few wrong directions. We are staying at a hotel called 'Le Folie', which is kind of a funny name in and of itself.

We woke up in the morning and scouted out the breakfast, but it wasn't too enticing. KP and I decided to go back to bed while Uncle D and Aunty L rummaged around in the local grocery store for something else to eat... turns out that Nevers actually has a really nice grocery place!! Bonus. They also found out what was wrong with the car -- turned out it had a punctured tire, and was losing air -- needless to say it got fixed pretty fast.

When all was said and done for breakfast, we hopped in to the pool and I managed to get in quite a few laps before the kids invaded with their water toys of doom. Swimming felt great, even though there were a ton of flies and bees floating around in the pool. That's how badly I wanted to swim -- I swam with bugs around me! At least they were all dead, unlike in Mykonos where there was a beetle with paddles motoring through the water like he owned the place.

When we weren’t having fun playing in the water, we were sitting by the pool enjoying the sun. I got a few more laps in before we left, and then we got ready to go and eat. Afterwards we went for dinner and had some Italian food, and then KP and I went for a walk down by the river. It was getting dark, and by the time we got back to the hotel you could barely see anything but the lights in the distance. Somehow I spotted a large spider just in time to avoid brushing against it, but I'm sure we still walked through a few webs nonetheless. Also, there were a lot of police cars driving back and forth on the road -- we couldn't figure out why.

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