Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 41: Bye Bye Lyon, Hullo Nevers!

Headed out. Car is telling us to 'stop' for some reason, but we don't know why. Oh well! I'msure we will figure it out eventually. I realized also that french roads ask for a lot of tolls ... I am unaccustomed to having to stop for tolls... I wonder if it is this way in Great Britain, too? It definitely wasn't like that in Scotland, anyway. At least not nearly as often, if at all. The thing with these toll booths is that they hardly work half the time, and then the people behind us would get angry... it was not a very pleasurable experience. Whenever we saw a toll ahead we'd kind of have a group sigh, and wonder when they would ever end.

Anyway, the scenery is still enjoyable! I enjoy being driven around the various countries. With no way to communicate sometimes, our only interaction with the outside world is via BBC or CNN... sadly, our new hotel in Nevers only has french channels. But it does have a pool!

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