Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 39 and 40: Two Days in the Belly of the Lyon

Yup, can't get enough of those Lyon jokes. Actually, Lyon is a very timid beast -- at least from what we saw. It was quiet, people went about their own business, there were a lot of parks and fountains where we were, and overall it seemed like a lazy place. The past two nights we have eaten at McDonalds because we couldn't find a suitable place otherwise -- can you believe it? KP felt bad that we were eating unhealthily, but I tried to convince her that McDonald's wasn't nearly as bad as it used to be. At least here, a Big Mac came with brown bread, and of course you could get a salad instead of fries. Oh! that reminds me. I got a giggle at how they are just called 'fries' here, rather than 'french fries'. And to boot, very few people speak english here... when we were ordering, some people had to point or bring examples to the counter to figure out what we wanted.

On Saturday, KP and I went shopping and I found a couple items that were cute. On Sunday, all the shops were closed so the roadway was a bit deserted, but we took advantage of the opportunity and took photos. Yes, we jumped around in fountains and probably made a spectacle of ourselves, but it was fun anyway!

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