Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 38: Lyon Around

We got up and headed out of Nice today, so we said our farewells to the hot sun and the big palm trees. We drove for quite a while, heading past San Tropez, Tour, and eventually stopping at Lyon. It was actually a nice drive through the mountains, and definitely was reminiscent of an old west backdrop with its red craggy slopes and hoodoo-esque formations. Of course, we're kind of used to that, being from the West ourselves!

For dinner we went to a French restaurant that had some French food served by a French man. Of course, we had been warned that the French do not give much food on their platter -- and this was confirmed when the waiter indicated that KP and I shouldn't share food, because it was only enough for one person! We shared anyway, and it was delicious... but it definitely would have satiated one more so than two. We had ordered a sausage dish with potatoes, and it was very tasty. Beans were spread intermittently throughout the sausage, and a white wine sauce was slathered over the entire plate.

That night we intended to play canasta but unfortunately didn't get around to it, so we enjoyed some grapes instead!

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