Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 37: Last day in Nice

We decided to stay one extra day at the hotel... we used the time to get things settled on what hotel we would be staying at next.

While Aunty L and Uncle D were sorting out our future plans, KP and I decided to go to the beach again to enjoy our last bit of time in the sea. I remembered my goggles this time, so that was a plus! I scouted out a few denizens of the sea, but they found me quicker than I found them -- for some reason they just liked to chill by my feet. There were black ones, striped ones, and white ones! Also, this time we had found a little nook by some rocks that actually did have some sand on the beach... so we enjoyed that, for sure. It was nice to sit there and just enjoy the waves. It was a lot calmer today, too, so I wasn't able to ride the sea swells like yesterday. While I was out scouting for sea life, KP just sat on the boulders and enjoyed the sun. It was a pretty easy going day.

For dinner, we had pizza! It was quite tasty.

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