Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 35: Nice in Nice!

Nice has huge palm trees and when we first approached it, it was hard to decipher the sea from the sky. It also took us awhile to find our hotel, but as soon as we found out where the promenade was, it wasn't so difficult. While we waited for Uncle D to find his way, though, we were double parked on a main street and had a few honks our way! It seems acceptable on some level to park on the street though, because we weren't the only people who double parked there!

Once we loaded our stuff at the hotel, we took a buss downtown and had dinner. Again, it took us a while to find a place we approved of. There was a customer named Louis at one of the restaurants who spoke English and told us the lowdown on the menu, and the only stuff worth reading was opn the back. of course, the stuff in the back was the same stuff as in the flashy tourist trap part of the menu, but you got more and it cost less. Louis stuck around and ordered our food for us (in french) so we didn't muck anything up, and it's a good thing he did. The waitress really knew very little english! Serves us right for visiting France -- us Canadiennes who are supposed to be bilingual but never are.

Afterwareds we hung around the square and soaked in the atmosphere -- we met a couple English girls who told us no busses were running to get us back home, as it was late, but of course there were. We took the night bus home! And yes, as it was night, we passed by a fair share of street walkers... the only one I noticed though was a man in women's lingerie!

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