Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 34: In fair Verona

Today was our full day in Verona! We had breakfast in our rooms this time. Delicious fruits and yummy juices hit the spot really well.
Once we were ready we headed to Old Verona town, and mercifully managed to find underground parking. I say that with as literal a meaning as I can muster -- it is H-O-T here.

Verona definitely looks like you would expect Italy to look. Old buildings, statues and clocks, and of course many terraces with flowers or religious regalia. The old town is so narrow that cars cannot drive through it, so it's full of people on foot or scooter. Shops from Italian brand names flank you on either side, but they are of course far overpriced once you consider the manufacturing costs were like 1/50th of the price they ask. As someone who has taken advertising and marketing it's very hard for me to fall victim to these companies by being a patron -- some designers, yes -- these ones, no. The only reprieve was that while walking down the street, each store had their air conditioning on max, so you would get a nice breeze every now and again.

Oh right! We also saw the local coliseum! KP and I gave a little show, I kicked her butt and she kicked mine, we both walked away with bruises and inevitable scars. Also unfortunately my memory card for the camera decided to act up... farewell 8GB card! You served me well. Thankfully KP had a 1GB SD card handy.

We eventually came to the street here the Capulets were rumoured to live. I don't know if Romeo and Juliet was based on a true story, or if Shakespeare made it all up (or someone he referenced made it all up) and Verona just capitalized on the publicity... but there it was all the same. It was complete with letters to Juliet, balcony, and even a statue that was an addition in the past 40 years. Everyone grabs Juliet's right bosom and so it's a lot more polished than the rest of the statue.
Having seen that, we walked through the market in hopes of finding something cute in the wardrobe department, but the only thing that caught my eye was a selection of fans and masks. However, I decided not to get any of the above, and instead cooled off in the central fountain. While I was away KP accidentally knocked a shot glass over and had to pay 6 Euros for it -- a bit of a scam, unfortunately.

Afterwards we had dinner, but finding a place was difficult. We walked around for an hour trying to get KP her spaghetti and meatballs -- even passing by a restaurant that had the most reasonable prices we'd seen in a very long time. Unfortunately it was quite disappointing to find out our walk had been for nothing, as it appears that Italy doesn't have spaghetti and meatballs! it's another of those stereotypes (like bratwurst and Germany). So we decided on a nearby restaurant that had spaghetti and meat sauce, and I admit it was actually pretty good. Once we had water and ice and air conditioning, it was easy to enjoy the food.
We learned that the temperature outside had been a sweltering 40 degrees Celsius, so once we got back to the hotel, KP and I both had cold showers and just went to bed afterwards.

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