Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 33: Leaving the Alps

We had a fantastic breakfast at the castle's restaurant -- but the dinner we had was definitely the best. This is the first time I ever blended porridge with yogurt, and was delicious!! They also had pastries and fruit, cereals and meat, cheeses and bread, and of course juices. The scrambled eggs and sausage weren't my favorite, unfortunately.

We hit the road afterwards and soon enough we were in Verona. It is so hot! I don't know how Romeo and Juliet could ever have put up with this kind of weather. I heard it is even more hot in Rome, so maybe it is a good thing we passed on our visit there. We spent most of the evening under air conditioning, but when we went out to a restaurant we were outside in the heat again. It was more tolerable at night, but still! Anyway, the streets of Italy are crazy and laid out in what seems to be a helter skelter fashion -- in otherwords, not planned as well as the roads Uncle D was accustomed to in Germany.

At the restaurant KP had a waiter fall head over heels in love with her, which was pretty funny. We had pizza, Uncle D and Aunty L had lasagne, and everytime the waiter passed we had a good laugh. Of course, he was much too old for her.

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