Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 31: Last night at Heidi Guesthouse

I'm going to miss the security of knowing we have inernet -- you never can tell which place has wifi and which doesn't! Well, I mean, you could ask... but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Anyway, I am sitting here and writing this from the bathroom stall. It's archaic! But I have no choice -- we are still in Austria (Salzburg), and there is no air conditioning so we have the window wide open and mosquitos are an issue (as are moths). In other words, I can't have any lights on lest I attract insects. So here I am, in the WC with the door closed on me and the mugginess from two previous showers keeping me nice and uncomfortably warm. But! I wanted to get the day written out sooner rather than later, so sometimes a sacrifice has to be made.

Yesterday we went to see Mozart's old place, and today we went to Hohensalzburg castle and the Salzburg gardens. We also went to see some of the chapels in the area, and on a hot day like it was today, it was quite literally a sanctuary. Thank you St. Peter's church! You see, it was surprisingly cold inside the church we went to, and thus it was very refreshing not to be pelted by the hot sun. We passed on the catabombs of Austria, possibly in favor of the catacombs of Paris.

The castle was nice and high, as are most castles (it seems). In fact, I think 'Hohen' even means something along the lines of 'high'. There were some displays of war rooms and the like, as well. In one instance there was a room that had a chastity belt and some masks of humiliation, as well.

We went to Salzburg Gardens and at this point the heat was really getting to us and I lamented not being able to go inside the church again, where it was nice and cool. We met a nice Austrian woman at the gardens named Marianetta Steinburger, and she was a very kind person who had a decent outlook on life. She was almost 90 years old but didn't look it, and kept saying how everyone has their own story to tell. She was very impressed that KP and I had gone to Japan and travelled so much while so young. We had dinner at the Mozart Cafe and probably burned more calories than we ate. Later, for dessert, we bought and ate fresh cherries and strawberries from the marketplace!

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