Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 30: Austria

You know, when most people think of "The Sound of Music" they imagine Julie Andrews singing in the summer of the Alps in a big open field. Me, I think of the quirky music number in Moulin Rouge! Regardless here I am, in Salzburg, and in the shadow of the Austrian Alps. Of course, sans Julie Andrews.

We just got in to the country today, because we left Germany in the morning. Those mountains are big! Driving up, I notice the houses are a lot similar to the ones we just stayed in while in Germany. If you know what I'm talking about, they are the stereotypical large brown and white looking buildings with many flowers and window shutters that are always open.

We are staying at a Heidi Guesthouse on the edge of the city, and as soon as we unpacked we took the car to the bus stop and took the public transport downtown. We went up the lift in Salzburg to get a very nice panoramic view of the city, and also went to see the Haus de Natural (taxidermy exhibits, reptiles, fish, science and such). While we were walking down the shopping street, we stumbled upon Mozart's former abode and decided to take a look inside. We were able to read a few of his family's personal letters and see some instruments which he had been known to use. There were even hair samples! And paintings, of course -- though the paintings were not very good in comparison to those we saw at more grand establishments. Nonetheless the commentary that family members had of their portraits were pretty entertaining. For instance, Mozart's father said that his portrait makes him look too fat!
I have to admit I'm kind of excited for breakfast tomorrow -- thus far the past two days have simply been bread and nutella. Oh! -- and banana milk. I've been taking the time to do some more personal writing, and KP has been trying to get her reading done at the same time. For dinner we shared a beef and rice dish, and Aunty L had the Austrian version of wiener-shnitzel. Unfortunately it didn't compare to the one we had in Germany. Uncle D finally managed to find himself a good example of bratwurst and saurerkrat, though!

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