Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 29: Hohenchiemsee

Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig. Why did you have such a weird fixation on King Louis XIV? So much so that you built a duplicate of his palace, Versailles? Shame you ran out of money and couldn't finish it! Of course, you also had that mysterious death...

We were welcomed to Hohen Chiemsee today by some absolutely beautiful weather! I can't say that Mother Nature hasn't been good to us. We took a boat there, crossing the lake and seeing all the sailboats and settlements along the way. Of course, a lake wouldn't be complete without fish! Just from the dock area we could see a few good 10 pounders just swimming around and minding their own business.

Once we got to the island where Hohen Chiemsee was located, we walked up the pathway to the castle (taking the summer road). Aunty L decided to take the carriage, but we decided to enjoy the walk at a brisk pace, instead. As we approached the grounds of the castle we saw just how true the stories were, that the castle was built in an attempt to resemble Versailles! It has numerous fountains, small gardens, and of course the building facade itself is quite a likeness to the famous palace built by King Louis the IVX.

Inside, we visited the museum gallery as well as the actual rooms that were constructed by order of King Ludwig himself. It was very decadent, and very over the top -- a great way to describe Ludwig, I would also assume. The castle was unfinished and apparently only 1/3 was ever completed.

We had lunch at the castle, too... bratwurst and saurerkraut. It wasn't the thick juicy bratwurst that we had wanted, but it did the trick. Unfortunately we were also victim to the rude behaviour of tourists -- we don't act this way, but many tourists are pushy and self-oriented. It's a shame... but what happened was people kept on budding in line, and of ocurse by the time we were done in the line our food was cold. Maybe it's because we're Canadian, I don't know, but decency should be something you can count on. KP and I opted out of dessert this time, in an effort to be healthy.

We also stopped to see the deer at the deer park! But you know how KP and I didn't get dessert? This effort was in vain, as on the way home we stopped by a bakery and got 6 pastries. Admittedly we didn't finish them all and it was amongst four people, but still. The idea was ruined! But it wasn't all for nothing, as the excess sweetness was sure to make us not crave desserts for a long while to come.

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