Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 27: On the farm

We stayed at a BnB outside of Augsburg last night, and it was nice enough. The owner was more the quiet angry type of German though (like the ones we met at the airport the first go around). We left and I fell asleep on the road, but became quite aware I was a sleeping bobblehead thanks to Aunty L and Uncle D making fun of me (to their excess delight). The next place I woke up, we ended up grabbing a room at! It was a lovely looking farm BnB with a wonderfully friendly lady as the host. She even had cows! And she said I could walk them to the barn! It's funny, KP and I dressed up all pretty-like so we could take nice pictures at the castles we intended to see, but both yesterday and today our plans were foiled as we didn't end up going to anything! Well, except for seeing the great country side. It really is beautiful.
At dinner we went to a place specializing in sausages, but KP and I decided to get roast pork instead. So happily, we ordered roast pork with aspic and sauce. Cue the music! We thought aspic was just a spice or something. Nope! Aunty L's food arrives and we think they gave her ours by mistake. Then five minutes later, our food arrives, cold, shaped like a pork chop and encapsulated in gelatin. Aspic is this, apparently. Uncle D tells us that we just ordered the equivalent of head cheese. KP couldn't finish her half of it, but I did (with Uncle D's help). And... let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant dinner we've had -- but it was the most surprising!! Dessert made up for it... I got a bit tipsy from my cherry liquor ice cream. Aspic pork roast was aptly named, however. It's aptly named for tasting like something you would pick out of your ass.
We skipped playing canasta tonight in favor of going to bed and watching the game -- NED vs URU.
We are now lying in bed, in the shadow of the Alps. It smells like the farm outside and the weather is just a bit more chilly.

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