Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 26: Fast Roads!

Today we left the Pirsch Hotel, but we had slept a bit more comfortably than before thanks to managing to figure out how to open the windows properly! We met a cool family on our way out... the dad was from Kentucky and the wife from Oklahoma, but the dad was retired Air Force and so son was born in Japan. He had a really cool accent -- I guess people from Kentucky are just default cool sounding.

Germany is very pretty because it is very green and lush. As far as the eye can see it is just blue and green... and the roads are very straight and forgiving so going 200km/hour is not as bad as it would be in Canada. I also notice that, while coming up to towns, it looks as if a chocolate village is nestled in the woods. The brown, cream, and red colors they use in their houses look so much like candy -- and the sharp peaked rooftops look just like gingerbread houses! Hansel and Gretel might know where a witch lives, nearby.

Seriously though. We're driving so fast all the time but people are going even faster than us so it doesn't even feel like we're speeding more than we ever would in Canada!

As far as current news goes around the world, there's a woman who is sentenced to death by stoning in Iraq. It's absolutely disgusting and as soon as we heard it we couldn't believe our ears -- stoning?! An archaic and ridiculous method to punish someone that should have been left at the door long ago and in all honesty should never have existed in the first place. Throwing rocks is something monkeys do -- not human beings. What's more, this woman has apparently been forced to plead guilty in a society that favors men above all else. It's horrible, and I am glad political pressure has been put on the country for allowing such a form of punishment.

Tension between Israel and Turkey will hopefully abate sooner or later. And in further news, the World Cup semi-finals are tomorrow!

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