Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 25: Ramstein-Miesenbach

Laundry day! It feels so good to be clean from a shower and have clean clothes on your back. Last time I was able to wash things was while I was in Scotland, so it's been quite a long time.

Today so far we haven't done much except plan our trip for the next few days. Actually all KP has done is sleep and do laundry, shower, eat, and sleep. I'm of a similar sort. But, it's raining so maybe it's the perfect opportunity to play canasta anyway.

For dinner we went to a restaurant that was by a castle, on a hilltop. The castle was very small, though, and in fact it was so small that we didn't even get to see it entirely. While we were waiting for our food, KP and I went for a walk and saw some pretty shnazzy tree carvings (and a ton of spider evidence), but there was something a bit more interesting than simply that. We heard noises coming from the bushes and trees around and above us. It wasn't from a bird, or a squirrel... it was something else entirely. In fact, I bet we will never know what it was that was following us in the woods that day. All I know is we both heard it, saw the leaves move in its stead, and found ourselves questioning what 'that thing' was.

The dinner was amazingly good, though. We had wiener-shnitzel with cranberries and potatoes... so yummy!

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