Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 24: Arrive in Frankfurt

We stayed over one night in Athens and now it was time to pick up and move on to civilization again. I mean that in the most sincere way possible! Greece was nice, but you couldn't flush your toilet paper down the toilet (you had to use a waste basket), the Greek people we met were usually very absorbed (the people in our area seemed to have a 'me me me' attitude), and of course politically it was better (there were so many strikes going on in Greece while we were there, the economy was horrible). My favorite part of Greece? I think it was the Acropolis and being able to lay by a pool all day and write.

As I was saying, we spent one night in Athens at an airport hotel, to await our flight to Germany. We had a small delay exiting the hotel because the person at the desk was very unhelpful, and had to call the manager for us. We got to the airport, got on our flight (we stood in the wrong line at first -- it was bound to happen at some point or another), and had a 3 hour trip to Frankfurt. The absolute change we noticed in people was amazing. People are nicer here, there is farmland, there are trees, and there are roads you can drive 170 km/h on without feeling like you're going to hit a scooter and die. Of course one of the big things being we can flush our toilets normally now!

So we are in Germany now, I don't know where specifically... some town of sorts near the Rammstien air force base. A lady on the plane recommended it to us, and when she said Rammstien I could only think of the band, haha. But yes. It seems nice enough! We had chinese food for dinner and pastries for dessert.

Oh yes, Aunty Liia was caught with her pants down when we picked up our rental car. She was changing in to her shorts between the doors in the parking garage and I said "wouldn't it be so funny if the guy next to us came to claim his car?", and lo and behold -- he did! He had a smile on his face, but I think Aunty L was done for the most part by then. Still, funny.

Also, in other areas of the world this is what's up! According to CNN, Larry King officially stepped down to spend more time enjoying his personal life. In addition, Germany beat Argentina in the world cup, so we got here just in time to witness their victory. General Petraeus takes over the lead in the war, so it might just be a turning point (apparently he's staking his reputation on this). 

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