Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 22: Last Day in Mykonos

Today was our last full day in Mykonos. It was kind of sad actually, so KP and I made the best of what we could. We not only went to the beach and had fun in the sea, but we took full advantqge of the sun and the pool. We finished off our bottle of vodka that we had bought prior (green apple) and bought a bottle of vanilla vodka to tide us through the day (and maybe to bring with us when we went to Paradise Beach).

One thing I learned though is that the sea is supremely salty! I don't know how vegetation and fish can live in that thing... my eyes burned, my mouth felt like I just rinshed it out with salt water and overall it was just crazy. One thing is for sure, no mythical creature that fears salt could EVER cross the sea. When I was swimming around with my goggles i saw some fish in the deeper part, and it was about as big as my foot. One day it'd be nice to go to Fiji or something and see all the colorful fish -- this one was white and very uncolorful. But still, it was fun!

Later that night we went to Paradise Beach but we JUST missed the party, so we went to Mykonos Town instead. At night Mykonos quite literally does not sleep, and it was truly an unusual experience to rush through the white narrow streets of the town with all its blue and green lighting. It was a relief to be back home at the hotel, though... even though we were only able to grab a few hours of sleep before waking up for breakfast.

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