Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introduction to the Trip

I've graduated. I've gotten two of three conventions out of the way for the summer, and I'm really ready for a vacation. Thankfully I have generous and loving relatives, and they're going to answer that wish. My cousin Kirstie and I are from Alberta, Canada and the only overseas trip we've made was to go to Asia. Now, this time, we're going to be spending 2 months in Europe. It's going to be a grande tour.

And as such, my mum and dad gave me a delicious going away meal with cake included (my favorite, carrot!), and I packed and got ready to go.

This blog will detail as much as I can of the trip, starting from June 8th. As circumstances might not permit me to get access every single day, I will use a system whereby I keep a journal in writing, and update the blog when internet is accessible.

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