Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days 11 to 13: No Internet

I knew there would be times I might not have internet access!

We were sent from Inverary to a place in the countryside nearby the city of Stirling, and it wasn't so much a country home as a homestead. You know, instead of raising cattle they just lived in the middle of the country. It really looked a lot like Alberta there, actually -- it was as if we were in the foothills.

The days kind of melded together because we stayed at the same BnB for three nights, and it was just so relaxing. It was such nice weather out that the farmers all decided it was an opportune time to slice the fields for hay, though. Unfortunately for me, that meant my long dormant allergies were going to show up in full force and color. So even though the three or so days spent at Trudy and Dan's BnB were a lot like enjoying a vacation at home, I was ever tormented by stuffy sinuses, sneezing, itchy throat and bothersome eyes. It had been so long since I had allergies like that I forgot they even existed! It must be something in the hay, because I don't get allergies like that much anymore when I'm in the wilderness. On that note, I am so glad that I have these Oasys contacts because I don't think my eyes could breathe otherwise.

On the way to the BnB, we passed by the rail that they used in Harry Potter to show them going to Hogwarts, too!

Also, sadly, there was no internet at the BnB -- quite a tragedy. While we were there KP, Aunty L and I got all interested in a show called "Lark Rise to Candleford", but in my opinion it was not nearly as good as BBC's "Pride and Prejudice". Anyway, while we were there we saw Stirling Castle, Loch Katrine, celebrated my birthday at the Lion and Unicorn, and saw a good deal of lochs and hillsides. I also learned that William Wallace's history in Braveheart was greatly exaggerated. Also, apparently William and Rob the Bruce both had great luck fortifying Stirling. So much so that when they left, they destroyed it so no one else could have the advantage if it was taken by enemy forces. It was pretty tough walking up and down Stirling (which I did about three times because we lost Aunty L and KP).

We also passed by a number of parks that we decided to stop at, and it was not unusual to see a few castles along the way. How unusual it is looking outside your window and seeing a castle!
I had the most delicious cheesecake for my birthday, by the way! And the lasagne was pretty darn good, too.

Also, I learned how to play canasta while we stayed here. Usually our games end up being fairly close -- I pair up with Uncle D while Aunty L and KP make up their own team. KP and I are trying to team up and beat the other two now, though -- the students will soon surpass the teachers.

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