Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 9 and 10: One More Night in Inverary

We decided not to leave Inverary quite yet afterall. Instead we stayed at another Bed and Breakfast. Also, we went to see a few ancient places in the area that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. First we went to see Inverary castle, and Uncle D having some family ties to the estate. Second there was what I call the 'hill of Kings' -- a large hill that was once said to have been the crowning grounds of Kings. Also, thirdly large rock monuments that reminded me of Stonehenge were found in farmers fields amidst sheep!!

The castle was obviously built as a home rather than a fortress, had a big front garden, and a lot of family paintings (though I really only took heed of those done by Gainsborough, because I recognized the name). A lot of halbards and rifles, and a lot of kilt pouches were on display. Also the building was very Rococo seeming, which I found to be unusual in soctland. Aunty L is always on her search for cold smoked Salmon (locks being confused with lochs on more than one occasion). She failed to find it at the castle but managed at last when we went to Brambles restaurant in Inverary.
It's a good thing it's our last day in Inverary though, because this morning we came across a McGregor at the BnB. Being as Uncle D is a Campbell descendant, we should have been sleeping with knives under our pillows! Why, you ask? Because they were a long time warring clan. At one point, the McGregors too the Campbells under their wing, and in the morning the Campbells slaughtered all of the McGregors except for the children, who died in the cold as they walked away. Sad, I know.

I think my favorite place to visit these two days has been the so-called Hill of Kings, where old Scottish Kings were once crowed as soverigns, and it was also a big center for defense and trade. At one time the mountain was surrounded by water, but the water has long since retreated and now only rivers and creeks remain. It's easy to tell why it was such a special and important place to them, though -- from the top you can quite literally see for miles and miles! Quite useful as an outpost, I take it. We are just starting off Day 10 now, and it is my birthday.

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