Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 20, 21: Mykonos

The past three days have been like the most awesome part of Greece. Seriously, we just lay down here by the pool and relax. Our pool is a cerulean blue, our hotel a bleach white, and the sun just hot enough in the shade. In the evening we play canasta with one another (Aunty L, Uncle D, KP and I). Usually Aunty L and Uncle D will win, but KP and I have managed the upper hand on an occasion or two. Once we are done canasta, we head to bed. Wake up, eat breakfast food and get some sun, rinse and repeat. When I went down to the beach and went swimming in the sea, I saw a bunch of little fish too!

Our beach nearby has the nicest sand, but there is a beach we walked to that is along the coast some more and is also very nice. Unfortunately you have to pay to sit in the chairs on the beach, and the chairs take up most of the space! And the parts with sand are usually taken up by the nudists. Yup. I'm used to seeing a bit 'extra' in the open thanks to being an art student and having live models, but for KP it was an experience and a half. For me, I was just so shocked they were walking around in public nude! But it seems everyone is used to it here. Kids are on the beach and everything with these guys. Seems the way it's done, haha.

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