Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 18: Birthday in Athens

Today was KP's birthday! I woke her up and almost pushed her out of bed to make sure she realized the 'gravity' of the situation. I also gave her obligatory birthday bumps -- of course, her official birthday wouldn't be till after 4:00PM thanks to the time change.

As I write this we just got back from dinner and ice cream (or in Aunty L's case, ice cream with ice cream). People wonder where we get this thing with desserts from -- I bet I have an inkling. But! KP and I have been good. Our food was pretty healthy and we skipped lunch anyway, so having some ice cream after dinner wasn't too bad -- at least it wasn't cheesecake again! We go to the beach tomorrow and need to look our best, afterall.

For dinner we went to the same restaurant as the first day: it was along the Plaka street and we really liked the food and service there. Violetta served us again and we learned she was from Romania, which explained why she was so nice. We've decided that Greek people are very cold and have the attitude where they always expect something from you (like patronage, perhaps?). She served us champagne (water) and strawberry cake (jelly candies). It was really a nice dinner, except for Aunty L still had stomach issues.

During the daytime KP and I went shopping for a cute dress but sadly none were found despite the overly high prices (easily over 80 Euros for one dress). She did find a bracelet, though. And as we sat sipping our Ouzo at the Aphrodite a gypsy offered some purses, we said no. another offered watches and I had a look, since I was sans watch, and ended up buying a Gucci watch for 15 Euro instead of the 25 to 30 Euro he had wanted initially. We got a good laugh out of it!

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