Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 15: Intro Athina

We got in to our hotel Cypria late last night, and went to bed fairly quickly after that. As it was dark out, we could see nothing of Athens except for the silhouettes of the hills. We speculated at what it might look like in daylight, but in reality our imaginations hardly did it justice.

We woke up and threw the curtains open, and could tell immediately that the temperature inside was not so different from the temperature outside. We have a massive patio deck, so walking out and testing the temperature is no difficult task. Looking to the horizon we can see the rocky hills and mountains, and of course looking the other way we see the old rain and sun damaged buildings that make up most of Athens.

Today we decided to go shopping and familiarize ourselves with the area instead of seeing the tourist sites. However, the street we went to was in itself kind of a tourist street. KP and I went to this one store and bought a shirt that can be transformed in to various ways of wearing it. We had a great greek salad for dinner, and KP and I split a pork gyro. Aunty Liia had chicken gyro because it was much more tender and suitable to her palette and delicate teeth. As we were walking about though, we saw the Acropolis up on the hill, and it was quite a marvelous view to behold.

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