Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1: Arrival in London

Got off the plane with only an hour of sleep or so, from an 8+ hour flight. I'm so glad Aunty Liia lent me her little microbead pillow, it definitely helped me to eventually grab a few winks. I kept on glancing at the map, and saw that if we were driving a car, we'd be goint the equivalent speed of 566 km/hour. Makes me wish we had hover cars and could go across water that fast. Then who'd need a plane?

Our luggage took a bit longer to handle because there was a 'malfunction' and it had to run its 'due course'. Of course we could barely understand the overhead speaker because his accent was heavy and the speaker fuzzy, but we got the gist of it. Speaking of, this is when Kirstie and I first had our overwhelming experience of accents everywhere. It was awesome and we couldn't help but try it for ourselves. Surprisingly it wasn't so bad! And as we waited for our luggage, I pushed Kirstie around in the trolley for a while. When things finally got underway, Uncle D got us ssome tickets for the underground (train) and after we figured out where to go and what to do, we boarded with all our luggage.

As we left Heathrow station we started laughing about the accents again and remembering that while we were here, we were the outsiders with the accents. We were the oddities! And we're also a bit crazy (coocoo for cocoa puffs). We learned that the transit system for the underground is color coded, and MUCH easier to navigate than a lot of other transit systems I have been on. I really enjoyed it. We hopped on to the green line from the blue, and waited for our arrival to Victoria Coach station. As we went along, we had to go straight by another station because of a fire alert -- that was alarming. It was raining, too, but obviously not enough to deter any sort of fire. Drizzle is famous in London.

Oh yes, and the greenery here is pretty lush and orderly but also overgrown. It's hard to describe. I guess the best analogy Kirstie and I could make was to compare the greenery to Japan. We love it!

After we left the station (and the guy next to me who kept picking his nose), we headed to our hotel. Or, so we thought. It would have been so except that Kirstie and Uncle D got separated from us when aunty L was pulling an umbrella from my bag. We looked around but the street was so very crowded with tourists we couldn't see them anywhere. So instead, Aunty L suggested we just keep on following the route to our hotel. That was fine, except that we didn't exactly know where the hotel was, persay. So after a bit of an adventure and a very kind English man with a map handy in his bag, we went to one wrong Comfort Inn and one right Comfort Inn. We actually beat Uncle D and Kirstie to the hotel, even. Ten points!

Afterwards for dinner we had food at the St. George's pub. It was kind of disappointing as far as what it was we ordered (the fish and chips tasted fishy, and the chicken was tough, and the bill was way too much considering that Uncle D didn't eat his food and it wasn't even impressively tasty). However, we went grocery shopping afterward in the nearby shop, and bought some things to snack on while we were in the hotel.

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